Practice with Gurpreet online personally during Corona, NOT recorded sessions!

Gurpreet is an advanced practitioner, having 25 plus years of experience along with her trainings on Yoga therapy. She works patiently with her students and therefore is able to support your practice grow gradually from whatever level you are by understanding your restrictions due to therapy needs or other shortfalls such as lack of body intelligence, or other fitness restrictions while watching over you and correcting, inspiring, supporting where necessary on your journey.

Online Yoga Class Times & Costs

5 week sessions are blocked with Gurpreet for a discounted price ($225). (5x30min sessions + 1x 90 min for $45 a week, Saturday off). Sunday is a learning session where each week we progress further depending upon the growth of the group while Weekdays are quick follow-up practice sessions of what is learnt on Sundays.


Beginner Group

  • Monday – Friday 5:30pm to 6pm
  • Sunday 3:30pm to 5pm

Intermediate Group

  • Monday – Friday 5:55am- 6:30am
  • Sunday 8:30 to 10am

Group Block 1

  • Jan-Feb
  • Start 10/01/22
  • End 13/02/22

Group Block 2

  • Feb-March
  • Start 14/02/22
  • End 20th/03/22

Group Block 3

  • March- April
  • Start 21/03/22
  • End 24/04/22

Group Block 4

  • April- May
  • Start 25/04/22
  • End 29/05/22

Group Block 5

  • May- June
  • Start 30/05/22
  • End 3/07/22

Full Class Sessions

  • Weekdays + Sunday
  • 5 week block
  • Cost $225

Weekday Block

  • Monday-Friday only
  • $40 x 5 weeks
  • Cost $200

Sunday Block

  • Sunday only
  • $25 x 5 weeks
  • Cost $125

Casual Walk-ins

  • 30 min weekday class = $10
  • 90 min Sunday class = $35


Tips on how to make online experience a personal one on one experience practicing with Gurpreet

We use Google meet so there is no need to download any app, just join with the link that will be provided to you.

In order to facilitate Gurpreet for her to work better with you please place your yoga mat at least 6 to 7 feet away from the streaming laptop so she can watch and correct you. Be little early on your first session so Gurpreet can confirm your setup that you can follow same each following session.

If alone time away from kids and pets today is not really your luxury and you are still wanting to make time for practice, Gurpreet welcomes you to practice amidst life embracing as is. As long as you keep yourself on mute.

Pinning Gurpreet’s screen while on GoogleMeet lets you have a better bigger view of her demonstrations for you.

After practicing with Gurpreet for some sessions, to make the most of the online discounted prices, while saving time travelling, you may wish to decide on doing a proper setup of your home yoga practice space. We welcome you to make a good use of technology to elevate your experience with the following advice:

  • Feel free to connect speakers system for louder volume and sound quality (however while on speakers speaking to Gurpreet on the Google meet distorts the sound so please use chat window only)
  • You can attach your phone or laptop streaming the Google meet to your big screen television to see Gurpreet bigger on your screen
  • You may want to check what name is showing on your login as that is what Gurpreet will call your name when needing corrections
  • Feel free to be creative in choosing your spot of practice at your home while Gurpreet will run you through some tips on how Yogis settle their environment around to settle better in their practice