How to Get Started with Yoga

The important thing is the attitude – a big heart and a small ego. Some loose fitting clothes, and a yoga mat will be enough for you to start with us.

What’s class timetable?

You can find my current timetable here and book a class online.

How much is the cost per session?

Please, check out my prices on Classes page.

I have medical issues and my fitness level is very low, what class would you suggest for me?

First thing first I do expect for you to take prior permission of a doctor if it is okay for you to do a class, further once you receive doctor’s clearance, I suggest for you to enroll for my restorative session.

How do I book for a session and what is the address?

You can check the timetable, location and book your session online here.

How many classes a week should I book?

I recommend minimum 3 classes a week if you want to see fast results.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes please I love and welcome referrals. To thank you, I give you one class free both for yourself and your friend once they join.

Can you teach our group of friends / family / colleagues? What is the charge?

Yes I can. Please contact me with your preferred choice of time when group is ready. Charge is $85 for a 90min session, however if you would like me to come out to your venue charge is $100.

Are your classes teaching hindu religion?

I am not Hindu myself. We only chant “om” at the end of the session. Om is a universal sound and I respect your wishes if you don’t wish to join along. If you have any religious constrains I would love to be informed kindly. Or if you wish to have a chat, I am very happy to discuss further if required.

6 yoga myths that just aren't true

I have always been as stiff as cement, so I can’t do yoga.

Unless you are ballet dancer or gymnast, it’s very normal if you feel tight, so don’t worry if touching your toes seems impossible. The good news is that with regular practice, yoga is extremely effective at improving flexibility.

I already work out at the gym, I don’t need to do yoga too.

Although many forms of exercise provide a wonderful physical workout, only yoga can also claim to be a therapeutic system that helps heal injuries, improve chronic illness, and balance mental stress.

Yoga is just for girls.

While it’s true that certain things (like pink lip gloss) are just for girls, yoga is not one of them.  Historically, some of the greatest yoga teachers for over 2000 years have been men.

I tried a yoga class once, but it’s too slow and boring.

Some styles of yoga, such as Gentle are indeed slow paced, but Flow or Vinyasa classes offer a faster, dynamic pace and endless exciting challenges.

I’m afraid that taking yoga will force me to adopt a religion.

Yoga is not a religion, it’s a technique of physical movements leading to improved health.  If yoga has a belief system, it’s simply to become more connected to your body.

I can’t do yoga – I like to go out with my friends for a couple of glasses of wine.

Relax, you can still enjoy a glass or 2 (or even 3) of wine and be a yogi. Over time you may find yourself naturally leaning towards a healthier lifestyle, but there is no requirement to change.

Come and try. We offer discounts for beginners.

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